Aina Sui



Aina Sui                   





Department of Cybersecurity


Courses Taught 

Introduction to Cybersecurity (Bachelor Program), Cryptography (Bachelor Program), and Foundations of Cybersecurity (Master Program)

Research Field or 

Teaching Expertise

Cybersecurity, Digital Content Security, and Blockchain Technology Application


Aina Sui earned the Ph.D. in Computer Application Technology from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. She is a Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Communication University of China, and is the founding Director of the Department of Cybersecurity. She is a member of Virtual Reality and Visualization Technology Special Committee of China Computer Federation. She has visited Nanyang Technological University for training on International Education Management, Iowa State University for academic activities, and University of Alabama for cooperative research.

Papers Published

1. Tao Jiang, Aina Sui, Weiguo Lin, Pengbin Han, et al. Research on the Application of Blockchain in Copyright Protection[C]//International Conference on Culture-oriented Science & Technology (ICCST 2020).

2. Pengbin Han, Aina Sui, Tao Jiang, Chaonan Gu. Copyright Certificate Storage and Trading System Based on Blockchain. 2020 International Conference on Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (ICEEECS 2020), Suzhou, China, 2020. (Ei: 20204409439951)

3. Wen Liu, Yong-Bin Wang, Ai-Na Sui, Min-Yao Ma. Quantum Protocol for Millionaire Problem. International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 58:2106-2114, 2019.4.11. (SCI)

4. Yumeng Liu, Aina Sui. Research on Feature Dimensionality Reduction in Content Based Public Cultural Video Retrieval, ICIS2018, pp, 718-722, 201806.Ei20184406019697

5. Yaguang Wang, Aina Sui, Wenlong Fu. Research on Image Retrieval Technology Based on Image Fingerprint and Color Features. The 5th International Conference on Audio, Language and Image Processing (ICALIP 2016), 2016.7.11-12, 447-451.EI20171303500972

6. Digital Content Security Technology (Teaching Material for Information Security in the 12th Five-Year Plan), Communication University of China Press, 2016.10

7. Overall Monitoring of Media Information Security. Communication University of China Press, 2006.9

8. National Patent for Invention: Audio and Video Intelligent Cataloging Information Acquisition Method for Wide Area Network. Patent Number: 201010537106.7. The First Inventor.

9. National Patent for Invention: Realization Method of MPEG2 Video Watermarking Based on DC Coefficient. Patent Number: ZL 201210048099.3. The First Inventor.

10. National Patent for Invention: The Design Method and Network Framework of Interserver Integrated with Copyright Management. Patent Number: ZL200710176968.X. The Third Inventor.

Projects You Have Been Involved In as Principal Investigator or Participant

Scientific Research Projects

1. Key Technologies of Public Digital Cultural Resources Security, Sub-project of National Science and Technology Support Program, April 2015-December 2017, Principle Investigator, RMB 200,000.00

2. Stage Design Model and Knowledge Base, Sub-project of National Science and Technology Support Program, December 2012-November 2015, Principle Investigator, RMB350,000.00

3. Key Technologies of Blockchain-Based UAV Intelligent Management, National Defense Foundation Scientific Research Program, July 2020-June 2023, Principle Investigator, RMB 300,000.00

4. UAV Data Transmission Encryption and Authentication Technology, National Defense Key Laboratory Stability Support Project - State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, June 2019-December 2020, Principle Investigator, RMB 300,000.00

5. Intelligent Convergence Media Security System Based on Trusted Computing, Communication University of China Major Key Research Team Training Project, September 2019-December 2021, Principle Investigator

6. Digital Watermarking Algorithm for Information Transmission of Airborne Flight Management System, Cross Sectional Project, April 2019-April 2020, Principle Investigator, RMB 100,000.00

7. Digital Cultural Resource Sharing Catalog System Based on Cloud Computing, Cross Sectional Project, April 2017 - March 2018, Principle Investigator, RMB 80,000.00

8. Multimedia Copyright Protection and Supervision System and Standards Based on Native Cipher Algorithm, 2018 Network Space Security Key Special Sub-project of National Key Research and Development Plan, July 2018- June 2021, Participant, RMB 800,000.00

9. Robustness and Safety of Image Forensics, National Natural Science Foundation of China -Youth Science Foundation Project, January 2015 - December 2017, Participant, RMB 270,000.00

10. Advanced Persistent Threat Intrusion Methods and Technologies, Ministry of Education-China Mobile Research Fund Project, May 2014-May 2015, Participant, RMB 700,000.00

11. Key Technologies of the Construction and Exercise Evaluation of Cyberspace Vulnerability Shooting Range, Ministry of Education-China Mobile Research Fund Project, October 2019-December 2021, Participant, RMB 1,000,000.00


Teaching Reform Projects

1. Information Security New Major Construction Project, Communication University of China Major Construction Project, April 2018-December 2018, Principle Investigator, RMB 200,000.00

Admission Requirements

Master Degree Candidates:

Majoring in Cybersecurity.

Doctoral Candidates:

Majoring in Information Computing Technology.