Wen Liu



Wen Liu           





Department of Cybersecurity



Courses Taught 

Discrete Mathematics (Bachelor Program), and Data Mining (Master Program and Doctoral Program)

Research Field or 

Teaching Expertise

Information Security, Privacy Protection, Security Multi-Party Computation, Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Computing

Papers Published

[1] W. LiuW. Zhang. A quantum protocol for secure manhattan distance computation. IEEE Access (2020) 8: 16456-16461

[2] W. LiuY. G. Li, Y. B. Wang. A novel quantum solution to privacy-preserving lexicographical string sorting problem. International Journal of Theoretical Physics (2020) 59:754–762

[3] W. LiuY. B. WangA. N. SuiM. Y. Ma. Quantum Protocol for Millionaire Problem. Int J Theor Phys(2019) 58: 2106-2114

[4] W. LiuY. B. WangW.Q. Fan. An novel protocol for the quantum secure multi-party summation based on two-particle Bell states. Int J Theor Phys(2017) 56:2783–2791

[5] W. LiuY. B. Wang. Dynamic multi-party quantum private comparison protocol with single photons in both polarization and spatial-mode. Int J Theor Phys (2016) 55:5307–5317

[6] W. LiuY. B. WangX. M. Wang. Quantum multi-party private comparison protocol using d-dimensional Bell states. Int J Theor Phys (2015) 54:1830–1839

[7] Xiu-Bo Chen, Yuan Su, Xin-Xin Niu and Yi-Xian Yang. Efficient and feasible quantum private comparison of equality against the collective amplitude damping noise. Quantum Information Processing, 2014, 13 (1): 101-112

Projects You Have Been 

Involved In as Principal 

Investigator or Participant

Scientific Research Projects

1. Equation and Extension of Quantum Privacy Two-Side Comparison, National Natural Science Foundation Of China Youth Project, January 2015-December 2018, Principle Investigator

2. Stereoscopic Visual Resource Storage and Intelligent Retrieval Key Technology, National Science and Technology Support Program, May 2013 - May 2016, Principle Investigator

3. Privacy Two-Side Comparison and Extension under Different Cryptography Systems, Beijing Colleges and Universities Young Talents Program, July 2013-March 2016, Principle Investigator

Admission Requirements

Master Degree Candidates:

Rigorous, responsible, and positive fast learners favored.

Doctoral Candidates:

Rigorous, responsible, and positive fast learners interested in scientific research favored.